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December, 2016

‚ÄčEver since moving to Portland, Oregon 18 months ago, I've been fighting this nagging feeling that I left something behind in Seattle.  Although I couldn't put my finger on it, I felt something was....missing.  It's that same feeling you have when you're 1/2 block from your home and realize you forgot your lunch on the kitchen table.  In an effort to alleviate this uncomfortable feeling, I auditioned for a play with this community theatre near my apartment.  Luckily, it turned out to be an organization filled with terrific, dedicated and talented artists.  

   I got cast in the show.  The photo to the left is of me in Act I as the Christmas Fairy.  Yeah. Go figure. Me...a fairy.  Last week I learned I am nominated for Best Lead Actor for the show. 

  Moral of the story? Listen to your inner voice. Even if you don't understand what you hear, listen.  Sometimes it's fate calling out to you. 

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