Day One:

I need equipment. Depending upon which youtube video you watch, you will either need: a microphone, recording software and a quiet room; or, you will need:

$5,000 earphones with bluetooth settings;

$2,500 audio recording software;

A new computer;

A microphone that was purchases on a full moon in the Amazon with the blessing of a witch-doctor;

A pact with God; and,

Hot pockets.

In the end, I settled on:

1. Audio recording software: I used Garage Band because it came pre-loaded on my AirBook; (free)

2. A Yeti microphone ($120 at a local Guitar Shop in the mall)

3. Sound deadening backdrop ( $25 including shipping)

This step of the Journey took me a week to figure out.  I'm tired and I haven't started reading the book yet!