Day 4 .... ?  Day 5 .... ?

​Been struggling with this project for a couple days.  Here is what I discovered:

1.  There are a TON of youtube videos -all of them interesting; all of them helpful; all of them informative.  All of them speak over my head WHAT THE HELL IS THIS STUFF THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT!???

2. It would have been easier to strike gold,  cash in on the winnings and hire a producer to do this.

3. is: and they're the tyrants of the universe. They probably should die. They have a list of requirements for the audiobook that is near-incomprehensible and impossible to decipher enough to hire a sound technician.

4. GarageBand is TOTALLY EASY to use.  Awesome!  After an hour of playing around with it, I figured out enough of the basics to lay down a 3 or 4 minute audio track of myself, edit it, delete it, copy it....if you have a MAC- try recording with Garage Band. There is a setting for PODCASTS - that's the one I used and it sounds great.

5. The YETI microphone has a GAIN setting. Use it.  Please use it.  It makes the microphone very sensitive (or not) and cuts down on reverberation.  Play around with it until you have it right.

6.  MUSIC: there is royalty free music on the web. DO a Google search, download a few of your favorite tunes and use that in between chapters. This saves you recording your own music, or being arrested for stealing a Steve Perry song. Plus, won't take your book if you use a commercial audio/music without a release.  (see #3 above)

7.  Either be a good actor, good reader OR get yourself a good actor/reader to read your book.  You probably suck - despite what your mom says.  I'm a trained actor and found myself doing 3 or 4 takes on something because I suck.  It's an ego deflator.  All that money in student loans for what?