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As we approach May 12th, I tip my hat to all the hard working women out there who do a job that would make me crazy: being a mother.

Penny (of TRAVELS WITH PENNY.... fame) worked all her life.  She loves to tell the story of her early jobs: the time when she fell asleep babysitting for a neighbor and slept so hard nobody could wake her.  The fire department was called....ladders were involved... ask her. She'd love to tell you.  Or the story of her job at the ice cream joint where she filled the milkshake machine while wearing 6 inch heels.  Or the story of her job skip-tracing for the phone company.

Through all these jobs, she raised two kids, kept a marriage together and dealt with all the usual day-to-day tasks.

Now, in retirement, I find myself lecturing her to sleep.

"I'm bored!" She'll say.

"Too bad.  Read a book," I'll tell her.

"I did that already. Maybe I'll...." her voice trails off. Now I know I'm in trouble.  I tell myself that I should just let her go do her thing. She's earned it. She deserves it. But, DAMN! When will that woman rest?

Then I remember all those Moms out there working, dealing with kids, a misogynist culture, sexism, partners....

....go, Penny.  Do your thing.  I'll be here if you need me.

Happy Mothers Day, ladies.

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