PRODUCTIONS: BearGoyle Films is proud to announce our first project, the web series GARAGE ON THE CORNER has won “Best Series” in the Seattle Filmmaker Awards, Winter 2024.

Our newest offering: RESCUING AWEN the movie.  

Beargoyle Films is the brainchild of David Alan Morrison, Topher Wick and Joseph A. Knight, all amateur film makers.

MISSION STATEMENT: To make quality independent narratives using the skills and talents of film students.

TOPHER WICK: Received his BA in Theatre Arts from Trinity College in Vancouver, B.C. He currently works as an actor and freelance sign language interpreter / mentor. 

JOSEPH A. KNIGHT: After serving in the U.S. Navy, Joe returned to film school with a dream of making low budget, quality films with budding filmmakers.  He has his own youtube channel and a variety of film samples.